Bed Wetting Alarm – Ferring Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Bed wetting is a common problem that may have a significant negative impact on a child's emotional and social development.

Bedwetting does not always resolve by itself.
If a child is 6 years old, still wets the bed and is unhappy and uncomfortable about bedwetting, treatment should be considered.


“ Ferring Pharmaceuticals has two websites dedicated to bedwetting solutions - and but did not have a structured approach to their online marketing strategy.

Since early 2009 the level of internet visitors to these sites has been consistently lower than expected as compared to the number of searches made relating to bedwetting in children.

There was a need to increase the level of consumer awareness about bedwetting by increasing the number of visitors to these websites. An increase in awareness will help encourage parents and children to seek medical advice and treatment for bedwetting.”
Tim Akroyd – Business Manager


Logged On conducted an initial website audit to understand the facts including target market keyword phrases, competitive positioning, website design requirements and sales processes. A keyword analysis review was undertaken together with the restructuring of the two websites onto a user friendly online marketing platform.

An integrated strategy to incorporate website design and online processes to help maximise search engine optimisation was formed. Developing a website content map provided the structure of a new website and a framework for the compelling content and optimisation goals for each page.  

The newly structured websites will lead to more parents finding both websites and encouraging them to seek medical advice and treatment for bed wetting.


Within two weeks of the website launch of the results were significant including:
70% increase in qualified visitors.
  • Ranking in Google and other search engines for 23 traffic driving terms.
  • Web enquiries from customers.
  • Saving of $1,150 per month on reporting and search engine optimisation.
  • A website that is now managed internally with major ongoing savings.
“The service and overall program from Logged On to help initiate and improve our website knowledge has been excellent. The workshops have been extremely useful, with content pitched at the right level of understanding together with the opportunity to share experiences with other clients from different industries. The mentoring sessions help cement the knowledge learned in the workshops.

It has been valuable to learn about the processes and applications behind website creation and maintenance so as to maximise the commercial potential of them.

This will enable us to bring many of the tasks surrounding the websites in-house, rather than paying an external agency, and initiate new processes which we didn’t realise were possible before, for example automated e-newsletter sends.

It is refreshing to find people like Geoff and Michael, who are willing, flexible and patient enough to spend time coaching and mentoring a client about website design that will enhance business performance without them ‘asking for the business’ on every occasion.

Through building such a constructive and supporting relationship with clients, I am sure this will lead to an increase in demand of Logged On services.”
Tim Akroyd – Business Manager

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