Case Study: Graphic Art Mart – Implement a Business Intelligent Internet Strategy

By Steve Irving (Sales & Marketing Manager) and Mark Tailby (Owner).

Where we were:

Our foray into the internet started 8 years ago with our first attempt at setting up ecommerce, wasting allot of time and having no strategy.

A few years ago, we did what most companies do when approaching the web, we talked to a creative web design company. We had designs built and a system implemented but quickly outgrew it. They lacked the concepts needed to integrate with our business growth needs.

Needing to ramp up to an advanced level of internet use, we decided to implement a new system. We needed to handle the web, integrating with our enterprise resource planning and supply chain management needs.

Our current website was already successfully generating leads and sales. We knew about Google Paid Search and were promoting our website through magazines, newsletters, brochures and Sales Reps. Supported by strong sales processes. We were also beginning to understand the power of Youtube and other channels on the internet.

As now a multi-million dollar organisation, we’ve learned allot about the internet, effective activities over the years and were good at what we were doing. We consider ourselves quite web savvy and knowledgeable.

Then we met Logged On, who we quickly realised could take us to the next level, not just some basic internet actions, but a fully integrated leading edge attack. In an environment that has significant growth opportunities for our business.

The Challenge:

We had come to a critical point in the growth of our business. We saw the internet as being part of that growth, as we’d already proved that the internet could generate sales for our business. The key questions were “How could we improve and fully exploit the internet to generate sales and create leads. How much better could we be? What else didn’t we know?”

  • We already proved the internet could supply the customers we are after 
  • What more could we do? 
  • We had a path, it was the right way to go, but what we didn’t know was that there was so much more to discover.

We needed to act on a web strategy that would support our new stage in developing new markets for our business. Also ensuring that our website integrated with our business management systems, making everything work as a whole. From our internet marketing, through to maintaining our content and selling and delivery systems.

What we discovered:

In going through the Logged On Pty Ltd Strategic Internet Marketing process we discovered many things:

  • Google Paid Search (Paid Search) may not be the most effective strategy or the best use of our marketing investment 
  • Our other activities, like You Tube videos, were not working with any integrated strategy in mind 
  • The gap between where we are at now and where the most effective internet presence is for us. In effect, how much more there is to the internet beyond Google 
  • We were spending money but didn’t know if we were spending it in the right areas, with the right focus and direction 
  • How Google and Search Engines work and, in some cases, how easy it is to do a few things to rank for free in Google

We developed focus in the right direction for the life of the website, not just the next one or two months.

The most fundamental thing we discovered was that structure is not important it’s crucial! Titles, names, words to use and how to use them. You could have the world’s best or worst looking website but if the structure is not right, neither will work.

Our website looks great but it doesn’t work as best as it could and now we know why. Not that it was poor but why it could work better. With now knowing what the right structure and backend should look like – it’s now easier to get it to work better.

For example; Now we are armed with ideas on efficient ways to work and how website analytics becomes a key business intelligence tool. Why it is important to know why visitors leave versus just knowing that they left our website or pages and how to address it.

Everything takes work but now we are armed with how to be successful on the internet. Logged On proved it during the program, for example; even poor video online works and bring sales through. We were already running videos and sales coming through. We didn’t really know why it worked and why committing time and effort updating our new ones was important.

Regular change keeps our internet presence alive and keeps our actions focused for business. We now realise why a build and forget strategy does not work and how to easily keep our website updated in a way that yields the highest return to our business bottom line.

Our website is a critical lead generator.

What we achieved:

A mass of knowledge we have started putting into practice. We are now doing things that have an effect. The exciting part is it is a work in progress that always continues and evolves.

Tackling the internet is no longer like climbing Mount Everest without a map or guide. Without this program we would have “gone from Sydney to Brisbane via Perth”. Something that may have taken us 5 years has now turned into something more like 12 months. Could we potentially double our business using the internet alone? We certainly see a good chunk towards it.

The internet is a completely new business, it is not the same as our shop front. This is because the visitors to both are different people therefore different sales, marketing and delivery processes need to be used to make the channels successful.

We are now accountable to ourselves. Logged On Pty Ltd are there to tell us if what we are doing can be improved, then tell us how to do it. They are our map and guide to “Climbing Mount Everest”.

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