Cleaning Services & Graffiti Removal – Workzone Case Study

Workzone specialises in cleaning services and graffiti removal.

With blue chip commercial and government clients, Workzone is a leader in graffiti cleaning, graffiti protection, anti graffiti coatings, high pressure cleaning, brick cleaning and concrete cleaning, commercial painting and line marking.


“This was our 3rd attempt at getting a functioning website. Our first two attempts with reputable marketing and website building companies, we never had the information given to us or advised of how a website functions and what it can do for us.

Before this workshop, my interpretation of a website was to simply inform our customers of what we do and look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. I never knew nor realised that there was so much more that a website can do for our business.”
Heather Paterson - Owner


Logged On helped develop our plans to design and build a website that helped us understand our market, build our website content and begin our internet marketing efforts.

Our workshop sessions helped us understand that other people are working through the same hurdles giving us an opportunity to learn and bounce ideas off each other.

The mentoring sessions with Michael and Geoff have been very valuable to me, taking advantage of their vast knowledge in one-on-one sessions.


Two weeks from implementing changes we have:
  • Doubled qualified visitor traffic.
  • Ranking in Google and other search engines for 31 traffic driving terms.
  • Started to receive enquiries.

“Working with Michael and Geoff, we found that their expertise in different areas works well together as their knowledge and passion for what they do is outstanding...

It also helps when you have two very approachable people who are constantly in touch with what you are doing and the progress you are making with your website.”
Heather Paterson – Owner

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