Critical Tasks

Online Marketing Strategy Critical Tasks Image 

Internet Search Analysis

By accessing search databases, find your target market on the web. This will allow you to estimate return based on how many people are actually searching for your products and services. It will also help you understand what to focus your content on.

Competitor Analysis

Conduct a SWOT Analysis by accessing competitor traffic behaviour databases. Analyse your competitor's websites, content,calls to action and traffic driving activities. By profiling your competitors' positioning, you then need to uniquely position yourself so you are the only obvious choice to your target market.

Business Analysis

Taking the Internet Search and Competitor Analysis and integrating it into the business marketing strategies will allow you to develop an action plan for your business growth strategies plan.

Build Traffic

The action plan you will execute will drive more qualified people to your business who are looking/researching your products and services now. Free and Paid Search Engine Traffic are only two of the 27 high level strategies you can use to drive traffic to your web site.

Web Site

Using the web, through advanced web behaviour design methodologies, “eyeball” your clients online so your site goes beyond a brochure. Turn it into a tool that engages your market and develops business for you.

General Marketing

By integrating all of your offline activities, you will be able to measure the individual effects of your offline campaigns as part of the bigger picture. This helps you make better decisions on the return from your print, radio and TV marketing budget.


Discover the hidden assets in your database, to build revenue and profit. If you haven’t got one – then you'll need to build one, filled with a qualified target market looking for your products and services. Your database is the core of your constant contact email marketing program.

Lead Nurturing

Staying in touch with the people in your database is the key to revenue and profit success. Use educational material to keep in constant contact and make you irresistible to your market. Position yourself to be the only choice, or at least on the short list, 90% of the time.

Analytics = Business Intelligence

Detailed analytics and business intelligence becomes your hub for marketing, sales and other business decisions. Powerful analytics goes beyond “reporting” and gives you detailed insights into how you are interacting with your market, enabling you to make fact based decisions. For example – you may have a new advertising opportunity to potentially build more profitable business. Using analytics you will be able to test these at low to no cost first before committing to large investments.

Business Growth

At the end of the day it’s about your profitable business growth. Apart from executing over 500 possible, proven marketing strategies, you will need to build cash management, leadership and resource effectiveness skills. This gives you a truly, fully integrated and sustainable business growth strategy.

Focus Efforts, Improve and Integrate to Sale and CRM Processes

Give better qualified leads to sales. Use Web Analytics to efficiently focus sales efforts through an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and drive opportunities to closure. Marketing generates and nurtures prospects over time, passing them to sales for closure.

Generate Profit Growth

Now you have a sustainable and detailed end to end measurement business growth engine. This enables you to improve what works, stop what doesn’t work and continually grow profit and shareholder value. With your online marketing strategy and analysis you will know the facts quickly. No more guessing!

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