Google Keyword Analysis - Your Key To Online Market Research

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Are you challenged with conducting meaningful, fact based Market Research? A Google Keyword Analysis will identify specific keywords that will provide you with a balance of qualified traffic. Do you want to compete (Rank) quickly on the first page of Google so free traffic comes to you quickly?

Finding keywords is the easy bit, using many of the Keywords Suggestion tools that are out there. The Google external keyword tool is one of these. Specifically identifying high ROI (Return On Investment) keywords is the piece missing from these tools.

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How can you find out how many other web pages are using these keywords? There may be thousands of competitors for these keywords...

Our Google Keyword Analysis Report and Workshop give you the answer to these questions fast...based on facts!

Your Google Keyword Analysis is the first of three key parts to obtaining the facts on your Market Place Insight. The analysis will tell you:

  • What Google keywords you should target for your market place, considering traffic volume and competitive web pages. 
  • How you should structure your web pages around your focussed terms 
  • Which keywords can you quickly rank in Google, for free.

In your workshop we work with you to identify possible high level words, using your website and your feedback, along with an in depth discovery to identify words you may not have thought of.

We help you qualify the list down, taking a list of several thousand keywords, to a few hundred terms specifically looking for your products and services and then to your targeted keywords.

You then have a summary page targeting the top areas, matching your content and menu structure to a more relevant search engine friendly format.

This then sets the foundation for:

  • Conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis on the right competitors
  • Using words throughout your content that visitors can relate to 
  • Integrating your online efforts so you get more return from your marketing dollars
  • Website Analysis of your key landing pages (Pages visitors first enter your site on) to improvement conversion rates

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