Improve Your Rankings in Search Engines

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Are you frustrated with not achieving the rankings in search engines that you need or were promised?

The first step in improving your search engine rankings is to understand the exact words people are using in search engines.

This is a time consuming process, leading you from a base of a few thousand words, then narrowing the list down to the few hundred that your business needs to target.

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The first crucial step that most miss is a competitive keyword analysis

This analysis helps you determine which words you can rank for quickly with minimal work, what will take a little more work (like a quality linking strategy) and what words will need a long term strategy to end up on the first page of Google.

With this data you will then be able to set ranking and visitor volume goals for the next 3, 6 and 12 months. These volume goals then translate into what amount of business to expect from your web presence, over time, and what is worth investing in.

The other advantage is that you will be able to guide Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing resources to effectively (both time and money) target your internet market.

The second crucial step is to ensure all your other online marketing mirrors your ranking strategy

This will help you naturally boost your rankings in search engines by building quality incoming links. The quality of links are what are important to your ranking strategy, not the number. In many cases the number of links could penalise you in Google's eyes.

Have Your Online Marketing Strategy Assessed By a Management Consultant more>