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Lead Nurturing - Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Michael Pulo - Friday, July 24, 2009
Your Online Marketing Strategy should include a Lead Nurturing Strategy.

Research shows that 12.5% of leads are normally ready to buy now, 17.5% can be discarded/dis-qualified and a huge 70% are longer term opportunities worth nurturing. (Source: Marketing Sherpa).

This is where Automated Lead Nurturing as part of your Online Marketing Strategy can really make a difference to the return on your marketing efforts.

The challenge with nurturing leads are many:

  • Not enough time in the day
  • Multiple products and data sources to manage
  • Manual processes to send and schedule emails
  • Pressure to improve results
  • Multiple channels that aren't integrated
  • Lead qualification and prioritisation is to cumbersome

This 70% are in the interest stage of your products and services but do not yet have the desire to buy. They are in "research" mode. This is typical in the Business to Business space and can range from 8 to 18 months in duration.

To add to this, sales need to focus on hot prospects, now! They need to close deals for the quarter and do ont have the time to nurtured possible deals that have a longer window of even starting than the next 3 months.

A good Lead Nurturing Strategy and system can plug this leaky hole in your marketing and sales pipeline. An automated system, with content structured in paths that help qualify leads automatically and score your leads and automatically feed your sales team with hot, qualified prospects.

The biggest mistake made is thinking that a monthly email is a lead nurturing program - far from. The right strategy and system will use a combination of electronic, telephone and print to stay in contact with prospects.

The system can:

  • Be smart enough to learn when each individual is most likely to open their email and send it at the right time
  • Deliver content that they are interested in, from the sales person they are dealing with 
  • Give sales business intelligence so they know what their prospects are interested in
  • Seamlessly integrate your email with your website analytics so you can track prospect's behaviour end to end
  • Integrate with your sales pipeline system (Customer relationship Management)
  • Possibly even tell you about who the company is, before you know who the person is looking at your online marketing

The bottom line is that if you have an online presence and you don't have a nurturing program in place, you are missing out on the 70% that are opportunities for you, just not right now.

Automate your Online Marketing Strategy and you could take advantage of this opportunity without significant increases in marketing or business development resources.

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