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Online Marketing Strategy Copy Writing Costs

Michael Pulo - Thursday, August 27, 2009
We have had many questions this week about copy writing and how much should you pay?

It's a hard one to answer as your copy writer's confidence in writing for the result you want comes into play.

What do you need written, is it sales copy or just something that reads right? What type of document it is is being written, is it a web page that needs to convert or a whitepaper or case study?
All require different formats, structure and language to achieve the results you are after with the piece you need written.

The rates vary wildly for copy writers as part of your online marketing strategy. The minimum is around $20-$200 for a 500 word article. At the other end of the scale, you can pay $15,000 for a couple of thousand words of copy that really converts.
You do get what you pay for. Things you should consider are:

1) Will your writer need to research the topic or will you provide the raw material in either written or verbal (Recorded) form?
2) How much is there to write?
3) What type of writing is it - copy that reads right or power copy that sells?
4) How long will it take you?
5) What audience are you writing to?
6) Does it need to be optimised for use on the web?
7) Your writer's own knowledge on the subject?

In every case you should ask for a fixed price and some sort of guarantee if you are not happy with the copy. Guarantees can range from reworking at no cost to complete refunds or no charge for material that can not be used. 

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