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Michael Pulo - Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Talking with many people about their Online Marketing Strategy every day, we see a common theme of issues 
they face when starting out to improve their web presence.

The common issues which you can address yourself are:

Domain Name Management set up correctly

Ensure your website domain name (Or URL) works with and without the "www.".

For example our website works for and This is important 
because both search engines and people don't put www. in front of your domain name.

Do this now and you will see the error that occurs if your domain name management is not set up correctly.

If you have a problem, contact your domain name management company.

Does Google Know About Your Website?

If Google doesn't know about you, your great content is not being seen by anyone searching in Google.

To check this type in the Google Search bar "cache:yourwebsite" eg;, and you will see 
if Google has "stored" or "cached" some of your website.

If there are no results, you need to:

1) Register your website with Google
2) Get a Google Web Master Tools account and submit your sitemap.xml

Have a sitemap.xml compliant file in your website

By placing this file into your main directory of your website, you tell Google and other search engines what
pages you have in your website. It also suggests the pages they should visit so you can begin ranking in
search engines.

If you do not have one, talk to your web developer about how to automate this process. Many good website
platforms do this automatically for you, without the need for a developer.

This is important because this file will need to be update daily or weekly for best results.

Install website analytics

Website analytics gives you the facts about your visitor behaviour on your website. Before a redesign, your
visitor behaviour should be analysed. This will help you discover where the problem areas are in your
design, taking the guess work or opinions out of the process.

Google Analytics can be installed for free, if you have access to your web pages and templates, or ask your 
website designer to install it. Google Analytics is a great starting platform for those starting out on improving their website presence.

Title, Keyword and Description tags

These tags should be relevant to your business, more importantly they should reflect the terms people are 
using to find you on the internet. You should have access to these and be able to edit them, to help your 
rankings in Google.

If not, ask your web site designer to take a look at it for you. However, many good webs platforms allow you 
to do this automatically with no coding needed.

Focus on Marketing versus Design

A great website is relatively inexpensive to design and build these days. Ensure your website is built on a 
platform that allows you to execute low to no investment marketing. You should not need a developer to 
change your website for internet marketing and maintenance activities.

Whatever your budget is to kick off your improved web presence, 80% of the budget should be allocated to the 
internet marketing side versus design. Otherwise you will end up with a great looking website that doesn't 
get the results you want.

Copying a competitor's website

Copy their website and you will copy their mistakes too. Last week we spoke to a client who was focusing 
their designers on a website they like.

Once we completed a detailed analysis, they were shocked to find out that they were about to make the same 
mistakes! use elements that you like but ensure you are making fact and experience based decisions.

Don't invest more than you have too

Educate yourself on all the possibilities that are out there, along with what you need to achieve. People are 
surprised to find that they can have a fully functional internet marketing platform and supported website 
for free (Apart from hosting). Depending on the time you or your team have available.

Don't look at your website design in isolation

Your website and platform is part of your marketing and business. Look at the big picture and integrate your 
website into it. Everyone knows that a website can help grow revenue and profit. Did you also know that it 
can help you reduce marketing expenses, measure your marketing and increase the amount of qualified 
prospects you are exposed to.

Ensure you address these areas and you will be on the path to Online Marketing Strategy success.

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Internet Marketing commented on 27-Oct-2009 04:51 PM
It has been a hard job to find such informative and important tags from net. I went through
your post, which made me update about online marketing products. I've been concerned with these all, since so long and doing work for my friend to promote his online business.

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