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Strategic Internet Marketing - Many "talk' strategy, how do you get it right?

Michael Pulo - Friday, May 23, 2008
After a very busy year last year, we have finally launched our strategic internet marketing website. Welcome to everyone we know, competitors, clients and those who are just interested in us!

You know, I hear about Internet Strategy, Digital Strategy, Web Strategy and all the other names out there that people call Strategy. What is it really, what's the difference between them and how do you do it right?

Whether it is designing a new website, revamping and existing one, wanting to increase on line traffic, wanting more leads or building a complete strategy which incorporates CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or Sales Force Effectiveness - a solid foundation and strategy will always help you execute faster with less cost.

If there is one thing I do know, it is that the more you learn the more there is to learn. Especially in the digital space!!

The satisfying thing is that time honoured principles do not change. So no matter what new tactic or fad comes in, if your principles and facts are sound you will always do the right thing, at the right time, the right way.

So where do you start? How is a strategy built?

1) Know your business goals. You need to understand what you need to achieve - for most the end game is dollars in the bank.

2) Can the internet support these goals and is there a gap? Keyword research and competitor research will give you the answers to this. Ensure it is fact based - what are the search volumes for your products and services?

3) Conduct a competitor analysis.

How are the competitors actually performing: How many visitors a day do they get? Are they effective at engaging their visitors - leading them through content on their website?

Are they geared for improving their sites through analytics and do they use it to focus their sales efforts on the right prospects?

What weaknesses do they have in their approach so you can exploit them in your strategy?

What is your competitor positioning and how do you present as unique rather than a 'Me too"?

4) Put together your strategy to suit your business goals. This involves four key areas: Design, Content, Call To Actions and Traffic driving activities.

Sounds tedious doesn't it? The better question to ask is "Is it worth it?" For example, a client last year came to us who had just spent around $200,000 on a new website. They had it built with impressive graphic design and a very sophisticated CMS (Content Management System). In all, quite state of the art. The problem...

No leads were being generated. After going through the above process, a recent followup proved that the right analysis and strategy has put millions of dollars into the sales pipeline! Their sales problem has shifted from a "Lack of prospects" problem to a "lack of sales resource" problem. What a nice problem to have!

What challenges do you have? Please feel free to ask any questions and I will attempt to build more clarity for you around effect Strategic Internet Marketing...

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