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Google Adwords Secrets and your Online Marketing Strategy

Michael Pulo - Thursday, March 11, 2010
We've seen it again! Another client attempting to tackle Google Adwords (Also known as Sponsored Search or Pay Per Click) but have done it incorrectly. So what's it matter I hear you say?

What if I told you they are now banned from having a Google Adwords account and they are losing more than 200 sales per day because of it? Ahh... got your interest now...

Google are the kings of making things easy. They do it so well that people spend 4 times more money than should on Google Adwords campaigns. Google makes the process extremely easy to give them your money but bury the facts that can mean all the difference to your bottom line.

So what are the secrets that can make Adwords a profit generator for you? I wish I could share them all with right now. However, my priority is to stop you from making the key mistakes that will have you banned from Google with little or no warning. So here they are:
  1. Read the Google Adwords guidelines. They really do spell out what you need to have in place to stay in the good books.
  2. Do a thorough keyword discovery and prioritisation of exact keywords qualified to your business and group them into similar words or phrases.
  3. Have specific "landing" pages in your website that target each ad group.
  4. Create Google ads for each group of your keywords and have them link directly back to your target pages. Do not point all your ads to your home page!
  5. Ensure your Google settings are correct so minimise spend but maximise return/conversions.
  6. Do not have menu clicks that go to different websites or even subdomains. These are called "bridging" or "doorway" pages and can have you banned immediately.
  7. Ensure your website is secure. PCI Compliance is a mandatory, especially for ecommerce websites.

Lack of regard for the above are exactly why the websites in trouble are in the position in the first place.

So I do wish and hope that you do not make the same mistakes so you can grow your business and not be stopped by innocent mistakes.

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