Online Marketing Strategy Consultant
Michael Pulo

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Web CEO Certified
Michael's career has focused on solving problems, technical through to business, enabling others and finding faster, better ways of executing a business growth strategy.

Dealing with facts, he is able to analyse and interpret a mass of information fast. His broad problem solving experience includes divisions of large corporations through to small to medium enterprises.
With growth as his prime motivator, Michael has helped businesses create strategies that bridge the gap between marketing, sales, technology and profit goals.

Michael’s unique insight into web technology is a catalyst for business change. Michael uses his experience of business growth strategies, combines this with an in-depth knowledge of internet marketing to develop an online marketing strategy and action plan for execution.

Michael’s thinking is creative, yet deliberate. He understands web strategy and how this must meet business goals. His broad knowledge includes online visitor behaviours and trends, search engine requirements, the web design process and internet marketing processes.

He has an innate ability to analyse and interpret fact, particularly website analytics as the basis for change.

Michael’s ability to educate and mentor enables companies to be self sufficient in online marketing strategy. His open approach, his insights and creativity makes him a valuable member of any senior management, marketing or sales team that is focusing on making their website and web strategy work for business growth.

Some key achievements and what others say about Michael

"Your Getting Started training was inspirational and of great value to all the consultants. Thanks for your fantastic effort."
Kerwin Rae - Business Owner

“You are among a very targeted group of individuals who are critical to the success of our business.”
Lou Gerstner – Chairman and CEO

“We have achieved US$11.8M in confirmed savings to date...”
Suhas Balurker. – Manager

"Your efforts have led to substantial enhancements to our company's bottom line - directly through your facilitation and indirectly through your work developing the skills of people in various business units."
Ian MacDonald - Leadership Executive Asia Pacific

“You have done a quality job, at a time when we are all struggling to deliver.”
Brian Cavanagh. - Manager

“Michael has the best approach to change management that I’ve seen...”
Wendy Pearce. – Manager.