Online Marketing Strategy Development 

Your Online Marketing Strategy is a result of integrating all of your strategic elements for a successful web presence.

The online marketing strategy strategy that we put together for you covers the strategic elements of:

  • Business Goals
  • Keyword, SWOT and Web Site Analysis
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Critical tasks
  • Resources
  • Internet Education
  • Processes and Systems
  • Web Analytics

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This ensures that your whole strategy works together. For example, your web site is capable of executing the critical tasks needed to grow business. Or your Press Releases are leveraged to support your website ranking in Google.

The specific topics covered by this strategy include:

  • Visitor, website and business goals
  • All strategies you will use to drive traffic and their integration to the website
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other business measures 
  • Positioning as the only choice 
  • Database building, constant contact and lead nurturing programs 
  • The project plan the website will need to support 
  • The number of templates and pages required 
  • Review processes
  • Current website assessment 
  • SWOT Actions (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) 
  • Perceptions 
  • Calls To Action 
  • Marketing goals and action plan 
  • Design brief 
  • Search Engine Optimisation requirements
  • Navigation requirements 
  • Email marketing requirements 
  • Content plan 
  • Hosting Plan 
  • Any other special requirements 
  • Browsers, Operating Systems, Network speeds to be catered for
  • Training requirements 
  • Support and mentoring requirements 
  • Website Analytics package to install, best suited to business 
  • Functional requirements like; Content Publishing, Integrated Customer Databases, Ease of management, RSS feeds, Secure areas, Website reporting, Web form builders, Forums, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Ad Rotators, Meta Data management, ecommerce, Catalogues and Products, Customisation after build, Inventory Control and shipping, Multicurrency support, Up Sell and Cross Sell, Product Grouping, Attributes, Affiliate Programs, Gift Vouchers, Payment Gateways, Discount Codes, Shipping Options, Shipper Integration, Tax Codes, XML feeds, Lead management, - control and workflow, Booking engines, Internal email, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tools, Accessibility, Administration Tools.

Have Your Online Marketing Strategy Assessed By a Management Consultant more>