Processes & Systems

Effective Processes & Systems allow your resources to execute their critical tasks within the capabilities they have.

Processes & Systems help you take action with speed, monitor effectively and reduce the impact of key employees moving on to other organisations.

Your internet platform, email marketing systems, website analytics and workflow systems are the foundation for implementing these systems. They turn your website into a 24 hour, 7 day per week operation. Effectively automating your lead and sales generation processes.

These systems help support business growth activities, while others are key turnover drivers.

Depending on your internet requirements, some of the areas you may want to systemise include:

Strategic Business Development 
    Corporate Management 
    Financial Management 
    Business Growth 

Marketing Systems 
    Getting more of the right customers 
    Turn lookers into buyers 
    Increase Average Dollar Sale 
    Increase Profit Per Sale 
    Increase Number Of Times A Customer Buys 
    Winning the Customer’s Heart 
    Business Strategy 
    Image & Branding 
    Business Plan On A Page

Financial Systems 
    Maintaining Office Supplies 
    Business Documents 
    Financial Reports 
    Financial Institutions 
    Receiving and Banking Payments 
    Bank Reconciliations 
    Petty Cash 
    Financial Records 
    Accounting Program 
    Order Processing 
    Billing and Accounts Receivable 
    Accounts payable 
    Physical Space & Equipment

Legal Systems 
    General Corporate 
    Consumer Laws 
    Intellectual Property 
    Employment/Labour Laws 
    Security & Debt Instruments 
    Stake Holders 

Administration Systems 
    Rights and Responsibilities 
    Technology Use 
    Processing Mail & Deliveries 
    Producing Documents & Processing Information 
    Filing & Indexing 
    General Administration

Product Systems 
    Product/Service Development 
    Manufacturing & Inventory 

People Systems 
    Organisational Chart 
    Hiring Employees &/or Contractors 
    Information Technology Systems 

Quality Control/Best Practice Systems
    Best Practice 
    Quality Control

Risk Management Systems 
    Financial Risk Management 
    Legal Risk Management

Systems Development 
    System Improvement 
    Systems Development

Employee Induction Checklist

Terms & Conditions of Employment

General Welfare

Workplace Health & Safety

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