Around Australia Trip Next Phase

One year around Australia went so quickly!

We dashed back to the east coast in a run to get the kids into interviews for school. We still hadn’t decided totally on where to settle down but knew it would either be on the north coast of New South Wales or the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The dash across the country saw us drive for 7 days, averaging 10 hours per day. As we cam up through the outback of New South Wales, floods were hitting and roads were being closed behind us.

I was so nervous about the kids going into the right years that I frantically taught them some craft skills that I thought they would have to have LOL.

Going to the interviews, the schools were adamant that we must have home schooled them due to how well they did on their “tests”. What a testament to what a trip around Australia at ages 4 and 6 can do for kids, especially with our philosophy of now devices for them on the trip or in the primary school years. Who would have thought they’d learn so much from just being engaged with everything we were doing and seeing, even when driving.

We ended up settling on the the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We booked into a caravan park to get the kids ready for school and fore ourselves to find jobs somehow. A prerequisite to finding a place to rent.

We are grateful that we both found jobs in our fields, working remotely with our home as a base. Over the time we have settled into the area and truly feel like this is home.

We reminisce often on our trip. The older boy remembers much but the younger one remembers far less. Could be a good excuse to have another trip! Sadly our caravanning has dwindled with business of life crowding in again as the boys are now well and truly into their high school years, friends and wanting to go on their own adventures with friends.

The caravan is now guest accommodation, doubling as a kitchen and bathroom area for the swimming pool area. We tried renting it for a while but this didn’t sit well with us because no-one really treated as well as we do.

We continued to use our little inflatable on the rivers here but soon outgrew it. I upgrade to a tinny so I would have the “puncture” stress but quickly outgrew it so we upgraded to a large tinny that I could use for boat camping, we could tackle the coastal bars to whale watch and get into bigger fish action and take it far and wide into croc country.

We did a couple of trips on bigger hire boats along the Queensland coast to try that style of camping. The boys loved it but we felt it was a bit limited in how much adventure we could have.

The boys continue to mature into adults at a pace we are still coming to grips with. It’s sad and exhilarating at the same time to see them designing their own lives, excel at what they do and at some point making their own life and adventures.

I’ve now decided to continue my adventures on my bigger tinny, leaving it optional for the family to come along if they want to. I’ve created a riveRecon YouTube channel to document my adventures and use it as a motivator to get out there regularly.

Now for the next volume…

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