Camping on Your Boat

rivRecon is dedicated to helping you camp on your boat. From motivating you through our own adventures, to information on setting up your boat and staying safe on the water.

This is a personal passion for me. Appreciating the silence of the mind, magnificent natural scenery, flora and fauna, with background music provided by the pure sounds of nature.

Do you like the idea of camping on your boat but just need the courage to take the next step and do it?

  • You might feel afraid of camping on your own
  • Camping on the water is different from other forms of camping
  • Not knowing what to do might make you a little frightened
  • You may feel the boat you have limits you
  • How do you stay comfortable?

There are many benefits of camping on your boat compared to 4X4, Land or Hike camping such as:

  • A camp site on your boat is like having a caravan or motorhome
  • The ultimate free camping – camp anywhere on the water that is safe
  • Your camp is always pointing into the wind, you don’t have to move your tent or 4X4 all the time
  • Fishing right at your door step
  • If you don’t have the right spot, you can easily move
  • No mud, sand, dirt getting dragged into your tent all the time
  • It can be more secure from others and wildlife (if done right), it’s like having a moat around your camp
  • If weather changes you can easily move to shelter
  • You can camp as remote or in civilization as you want or can tolerate
  • You can have all your gear with you and be quite comfortable
  • Your boat becomes multiuse – not just for fishing. There are many things you can do above and beyond traditional camping

If I can camp you can too! I was afraid for many years of going camping solo but always yearned to do it. I found inspiration from others on YouTube, imagined how I’d like to do it and researched loads. I even tested camping on a tiny inflatable and small boat with my sons until I finally settled on a boat right for me and the adventures I wanted to have.

I drew on knowledge from my military experience, land based camping and our one year trip around Australia to help you answer the things for yourself so you can do it to:

  • How to stay safe and secure
  • How to setup your boat so it is comfortable and easy
  • How to create that “camp fire” feel safely
  • How to think about food and storage
  • Setting up the ideal on water camp site
  • Tips and tricks to maximize space
  • Keeping everything low cost and not have to be a millionaire to enjoy the camping on your boat lifestyle

I now document my approach on this website and associated YouTube videos so you can learn too.

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