My First Bow Fishing and Catfish Eating Trip

I’m just a rookie at this stuff, but I feel my sense of adventure growing…

My first YouTube video was a hit and what a great excuse to make me get out on the water more often!

Strangely enough, the fear is still there although somewhat diminished.

From my first trip I realised I had to make some modifications to how I stored things to make it more comfortable. I also changed the boat prop pitch and added an alloy anti-ventilation plate to improve economy. I’m now getting about 2.7km per litre of fuel on my big tinny. A larger casting deck made room for gear underneath and a stable platform to try bow fishing. Something I’ve always wanted to try – I’ve had my bow for 30 years!

I’m not much of a fisherman. I seem to be able to get others onto the fish, but as soon as I throw a line in nothing happens LOL. I always catch Fork Tail Catfish so decided I am going to try and eat one. The next big one I catch is dinner, or lunch 🙂

Part of trying some more action was to try and make my video more interesting – more on my findings there later.

I set out on this trip very eager. I didn’t plan the destination/objective very well. The real objective was to try two new things:

  1. Bow fishing.
  2. Cooking and eating catfish.

Here’s the video:

I’d prepared for both. I set up a home made fishing rig on the bow as I didn’t want to spend the money yet unless I enjoyed it and I decided I would cook the catfish fajita style.

With these objectives in mind I forgot about what I really like about boat camping – exploring, scenery and nature.

I tried bow fishing, it was a bit of a drag and I kept getting distracted looking at birds.

I caught a catfish, cooked and ate it.

I then found myself having fulfilled my objectives and headed home after one night out. I think the bigger driver for heading home was the location and scenery was a bit of a downer. The river was also packed and very uncomfortable from all the noise and waves.

I’m grateful to have got out on the water but this trip didn’t give me the recharge I wanted.

I discovered quite unexpected on this trip however, I’m on a journey of discovering another layer of who I am.

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